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'What to wear!'

Clothing for a workout session can be a hard decision... but also a real confidence boost. For any active work-out for women and men, supportive clothing that performs will help each and every workout. Fitness bras and shorts that holds the vitals shall we say, are a must!! Softer, more comfortable clothing that moves with you for Pilates or Yoga work-outs

Many sports & activity brands offer this but we wanted to tell you about one, especially for women, that if you haven't come across already might just give you something for your Gift list...

If you are not familiar with Sweaty Betty clothing have a click over to their website: www.sweatybetty.com There's a great piece at the moment http://www.sweatybetty.com/meet-tamara/? all about the founder and the design process she goes through for her collections.

For women, the clothes are on trend and eye catching.

Treat yourself now and again to something that makes you feel good, especially if you have reached some milestones in your fitness goals. We can keep a secret!

Team RE-BA


  June 12, 2017, 6:54 pm

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