CHOOSING THE RIGHT PILATES CLASS...can be quite difficult. 

Most training providers offer Pilates on their timetable currently but what makes an effective class?

At RE-BA Fitness Pilates forms the core of our training principals and is the reason we set up our bespoke studio.

We were witnessing too many large classes in which people were not instructed correctly, instead left to interpret the Pilates repertoire as best they could and not really understanding how the body works and why it is important to practise and perfect the movements to gain the most benefit from each exercise.

Many people that come to us having attended Pilates classes previously are surprised how effective our classes are.

Pilates is not a total solution to rehabilitation or to fitness. It can provide incredible benefit to those suffering from inbalances within mind and body. Improvements in strength, muscular re-alignment, core conditioning, postural performance and a greater understanding of body awareness are just some of the benefits gained and experienced.

No class is the same, all are effective and every one challenges and conditions your mind and body.

Please join our journey to better health.

Call the studio 01132874007 or Wayne 07894573693 for more information.


We look forward to hearing from you.

The RE-BA team

  June 11, 2018, 10:15 pm

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