What is it? It's a new health buzzword.

Bio hacking is a process of changes to your lifestyle in order to 'hack' your body's biology and and feel at your personal best.

Phrases such as 'you are what you eat'  & 'what you put in you get out' , 'can be applied to this. It's not really anything new except in the way we think about becoming the best possible versions of ourselves...we need to make positive changes to our lifestyles and our nutritional performance to make the most of our body's biological processes.

Better -Nutrition & Hydration, Rest & Sleep, Movement & Training, Meditation and Holistic Therapies can all contribute to a brighter, healthier and happier self.

Check your daily routines and look at whether perhaps the way you live is making you miss your potential. If it is, make positive steps to change your health-balance

Reach your potential!



from the RE-BA Team

Living life in balance


  February 15, 2018, 6:36 pm

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Studio Classes RE-BA Fitness studio classes are unique. Our timetable consists of beyond basics and elite, classes. We boast some of the most exciting and creativeclasses in the north of England and our Pilates training unrivalled.The...

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Personal Training Personal training can make the biggest difference to an individual’s health and is one of the safest and most effective ways of reaching fitness goals.At RE-BA we listen carefully, assess and create tailor-made,...

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