2018, Healthier and Happier

Welcome to 2018 and a New Year at RE-BA Fitness.

Pilates is a form of exercise we believe in so strongly at RE-BA Fitness. It strengthens and conditions and provides controlled exercises that improve the total wellness of mind and body.

We are excited to bring you a new studio space in 2018 with specialised, hand-made Pilates equipment creating exciting, new and diverse classes and training. Pilates is such an amazing fitness techique, with practise and dedication we can all enjoy the benefits of it's application.

But what stops us starting the path to healthier lives?

New years resolutions often include joining a gym, cutting down on alcohol, eating less sugar and fat and trying to reduce caffeine intake. All of which are beneficial to more balanced wellness. But many give up after just a few weeks. Health is something we have to want to change for life. To improve health and fitness we musn't look at short term fixes but long term commitment. 

Eat well, Move well, Sleep well and Rest well. Adopt better practise of all of these and you will feel healthier throughout mind and body.


We are holding seminars and workshops throughout 2018 giving you an opportunity to come and join us learn more about being healthier and happier.

Wishing you a wholesome year ahead.

Contact RE-BA studio 01132 874007 for information regarding our talks, classes, personalised training and so much more.



  January 15, 2018, 11:18 pm

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Studio Classes

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