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Welcome to RE-BA Fitness Studio, Leeds. Here we strongly believe in re-balancing mind and body.

Keeping fit has never been so important to us all in our modern, high-paced lifestyles. Movement is essential to training healthy bodies. The more we move dynamically, the healthier we feel. Challenging mind, body and spirit is part of our staple daily diet here. Training is suitable for men and women of all levels and ages.

We’ve studied hard and researched world-wide, to bring a new exciting approach to training and getting in shape, serving it with a very personal touch. Fundamentally different to mainstream gyms we offer client focussed training in a very unique space. The (Serenity Studio) , a tranquil haven. The (Powerhouse), a bright new energy zone.

Our studio boasts some of the most creative and effective classes in the North of England and our Pilates training unrivalled. RE-BA Fitness studio classes, consist of two timetables, Beyond Basics and Elite. The classes offer motivation, a chance to explore diverse training techniques and inspirational teachers to help you reach your goals and live a healthy, well-balanced life.

Brand new to RE-BA Fitness Studio is our Freestyle Studio Time. 6 week training programmes are tailor-made to members looking for a safe, effective route to getting in shape. Studio time is booked weekly. RE-BA trainers are always available to offer advice and guidance.

Our Personal and Group training has already proven highly successful to our members on a one-2-one and group basis. Book a free assessment to get you on track.

Give balance to mind & body with regular massage treatments. Often undervalued, they can provide long-term life benefits.

From athletes, sports enthusiasts to seniors, those recovering from injury to members seeking weight loss and nutritional advice, we have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a new approach to getting fit or staying fit we have the right ingredients to provide real results. Call or get in touch by following the link: Contact Us, we look forward to seeing you.

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Massage & treatments

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Studio Classes

Studio Classes RE-BA Fitness studio classes are unique. Our timetable consists of beyond basics and elite, classes. We boast some of the most exciting and creativeclasses in the north of England and our Pilates training unrivalled.The...

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Personal Training

Personal Training Personal training can make the biggest difference to an individual’s health and is one of the safest and most effective ways of reaching fitness goals.At RE-BA we listen carefully, assess and create tailor-made,...

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